A Feast for Crows

A Feast For Crows Book Summary

A Feast for Crows is the fourth book in the series and it came out in 2005. The vents of this book take place immediately after the fall of Lord Tywin. Sitting on the throne in Kingís Landing is Tommen, Joffreyís small brother who apparently doesnít know what his newly acquired kingly status means. Due to his young age and no idea whatsoever on how to run the most sought after kingdom, his mother is ruling on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Cercei is being haunted by a prophesy that she has held on to from when she was a child. The queen mother fears that the prophesy will come to pass soon. She is very paranoid and her paranoia seems to consume the better part of her judgment. Fearing the worst, she has put a price on the head of Tyrion Lannister who has long been missing after his escape from his cell. As if this isnít enough, her paranoia drives her to contemplate axing anyone in her council who isnít loyal to her.

There is a lot of action in the South as well. The loss of Prince Oberyn has driven Dorne in some sort of frenzy. One of the daughters of Doran Martell has abducted Princess Myrcella who is the beloved daughter to the queen mother. She intends to raise the Princess as the queen since she is entitled to rule as per the laws of Dorne. However, she canít hide the fact that her true and heartfelt intentions are to sew further chaos within the seven kingdoms.

In the North, Stannisí host lingers at the wall looking stronger than never before. Daenerys is also conquering more cities and her armies are growing in numbers with her every victory. The tales of her fearsome conquests do not fail to reach the ears and hearts of the people in Kingís Landing.

The person who seems to be hit most by the tales is non-other than the queen mother herself; and such tales only add on to her woes and paranoia. She makes desperate attempts to strengthen her allies by granting permission to the Holy Order to re-establish its military orders. The orderís activities were suspended during the reign of Targaryen who wasnít blind to the threat that the order posed to his rule. The queen mother also sends his brother Jaime to the North where he is to take care of remaining stronghold there.

The events taking place on the Western Sea are also pretty interesting. The people of the Iron Islands kingdom are demanding to have a new king crowned and this has created a Kingsmoot. The notable participants of this moot are Euron Greyjoy, Asha Greyjoy, and Victorian Greyjoy.

Far from all these, a knight is seeking the daughters of Catelyn Stark. The knight is armed with the blade of one Jamie Lannister and is being assisted by the page of Tyrion Lannister. Unfortunately, she stumbles upon a group of Outcasts who were previously under Lord Berric Dondarrion. The Outcasts are currently under the leadership of a woman who has been presumed dead for quite a long time; and one whose face the knight recognizes very well.

Without including any spoilers, the above is the plot to the book.