A Dance with Dragons

A Dance With Dragons Book Summary

A dance with dragons is the fifth book that comes after the fourth book in the series. This book introduces characters such as Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Bran who were notably not mentioned in the previous book. The actions of this book start almost at the same time as the actions in the previous book as opposed to the actions taking place sequentially. Here is a short summary of the entire plot.

The book begins with coverage of the events occurring at the Wall as well as those occurring at Sea. Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander of the Nightís Watch at a time when the pending attack from the White Walkers is almost certain to take place. Meanwhile, Stannis is still thinking of retaking the North with the help of the Nightís Watch; an endeavor that Jon Snow is not particularly happy about.

On his way to Winterfell, Stannis comes across a fleeing group of Iron Borns. The Iron Born were fleeing the castles and were on their way to the sea. Stannis captures Asha Greyjoy who was among the Iron Born. The journey to Winterfell continues well before they are caught up in a winter storm three days from their destination.

Jon Snowís younger brother Bran, who has been presumed dead for the better part of the series, is marching North in search of the Three Eyed Crow that never leaves his dreams. The young Stark is in the company of Jojen, Meera, Hodor, and a mysterious acquaintance who appears to have awkward cold dark hands. This group is headed deep in the Lands of Winter in their quest to find the crow unaware or ignorant of the danger that lurks in the North.

Further South across the sea, Tyrion Lannister has been smuggled to Pentos in order to avoid his pending execution in Kings Landing. Upon his unannounced arrival, he discovers quite a familiar face that could only mean one thing; he is meant to assist Daenerys in here conquest. The familiar face that greats him is none other than that of his former acquaintance Magister Illyrio.

Magister sets him on a journey to Rhyone with a secretive group a couple of days after landing in Pentos. However, during the course of the journey, he is abducted and set on a different course.

Daenerys has already settled in the city of Mereen. She is the acting queen and her dragons are fully matured. Her stay in Mereen is however not welcome. The local communities have found great distaste in her ruling techniques and this has cultivated a lot of cruelty and hostility towards their new self-imposed queen and her policies.

As a result, the freed slaves are being killed at an alarming rate. The queenís advisers urge her to go to Westeros but she feels that her services are very much needed here. She believes that here exit from the city will only take place once the city is at peace and has a sound governing council. So in order to put a stop to the uncalled for murders that have been taking place, Daenerys gets married to a Mereen nobleman.

Basically that is the plot to the book and we shall not include any spoilers.