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A Game of Thrones is the first book in George RR Martin’s epic 7-part series: A Song of Ice and Fire, and the subject of a popular HBO television series based on the novels. Read the full plot summary below.


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A Storm of Swords is the second book in author George RR Martin’s series, and takes events to new heights as the kingdom of Westeros begins to unwind after the death of their king.

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a clash of kings audio book mp3In A Clash of Kings, the third book in the series, a war breaks out and is known as The War of Five Kings, as different interests compete to fill the throne now occupied by King Joffrey, the late king’s only son.

The late king’s brothers reject Joffrey’s claims to the throne, and are eager to depose the new leader, while other feudal regions revolt against the crown, attempting to separate the kingdom.

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download a feast for crows audio bookWith the War of Five Kings over, attention turns to the North, where the “crows,” the keeper’s of the Night Watch at the edge of the Northern frontier, are suffering repeated attacks by the savage wildlings byeond the wall.

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free a dance with dragons audiobookA Dance with Dragons is the 5th book of the series. Attention turns more towards the East, where Daenerys, the mother of dragons, faces challenges to her newly conquered territories, and begins to respect and utilize the much feared dragons that she cares for.

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The Winds of Winter is the 6th and latest work in the series, and is scheduled to be released in April 2016, with The Winds of Winter audio book download being released shortly thereafter.

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A Game Of Thrones Plot Summary

A Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy series written by American Author George R.R. Martin. The book is set in the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Summarizing a Game of Thrones has proved a hard gum to chew for many because there is a lot going on in the book as it follows three principal storylines as they develop in tandem with one another.

In the first story, which is the longest part of the book, Martin hooks readers immediately with the story of how the noble Stark family deals with court and conspiracy politics in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. This first story puts particular emphasis on Eddard Stark, also affectionately referred to as Ned. Eddard Stark is the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. The second story closely follows the exiled princess Daenerys. She is one of the surviving descendants of the previous royal family that ruled the Westeros. The story develops as she grows up on another continent. The third story follows John Snow, who the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark. The story develops as John Snow grows up in the north of Westeros. John Snow is in the special military order called the Nightís Watch, which is tasked with the task of protecting the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers beyond the Wall.

In The Seven Kingdoms

At the beginning of the book, the author focuses primarily on court and conspiracy politics in the Seven Kingdoms. The story begins with King Robert Baratheon riding north to Winterfell to visit Lord Eddard Stark and his family. Lord Eddard Stark is a close friend of the king, and he played a significant role in the rebellion that gave King Robert Baratheon his power. The rebellion was staged against the Targaryen dynasty, which has ruled Westeros for three hundred years. King Robertís visit to Winterfell is not only a social one because he asks Lord Eddard Stark to return south with him to Kings Landing, to act as the Kingís hand. While Kings Landing is the royal city of the Seven Kingdoms, it is filled with liars and traitors.

On the Wall

When Lord Stark leaves Winterfell, his illegitimate son, John Snow joins the military order of the Nightís Watch. Jon is welcomed to the harsh reality in Nightís Watch after his uncle Benjen Starks disappears in the north. He later sees the white walkers when tow of the Nightís Watch guards are killed and turned into some sort of snow zombie.

In the East

Before Robert Baratheon was king of the seven kingdoms, Westeros was ruled by the Targaryen Family. However, when the Targaryen dynasty was overthrown, only two descendants remains; Prince Viserys (who wants to get his throne back) and Princess Daenerys. Prince Viserys marries, or rather sells, his sister Daenerys to Khal Drogo, a power leader of the barbarian tribe known as Dothraki. When news reaches kings landing that a surviving member of the Targaryen family is growing strong in the east, King Baratheon attempts an assassination plot to kill Daenerys. However, Daenerys, who is pregnant with Drogoís baby, survives the assassination attempt. This prompts Drogo decide that he has to kill his wifeís enemies.